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As a high school dropout, who choose travelling the world as a model for my chance to learn about the world, I found wonder and awe everywhere.  Then I had to look at myself, to find how to live and thrive with all I experienced, all I loved and all I needed. Traumas and all.  Through Government programs I learned about Personality profiling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training, Cultural awareness practices, Parenting for Cultural Integration.  Through private learning, I found Reiki and CST to complement my tarot and energy intuitive practices I had shared with me from a young age; Udemy and the Khan institute for the existential spirit; then The Light Cellar and for my health, body, mind and spirit.  On this path I found I was missing something from all my years of adventure and with little discipline and much intuition, I found  Mindvalley and Vishen Lakhiani's brought together the technical needs for learning with Jim Kwik's Superbrain where I gained the tools to speed read and enhance my memory within the capacity of training through practice. From there I had the skills to learn the piano and begin to build the confidence to look within at my life and make some Life Goals with John and Missy Butcher, a Life Vision worth living.  I reflect on my 12 Categories to see how far I have come often, as it is said, 'The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates

To this point I did not know where I was headed or why, just picking up tools to help me along the way with the mental illness I have been living with and working to understand and overcome.  As a Souljer Of Light, I offered Energy, CST and reiki with a powerful intuitive guide for health support added, building hands on experience with community at festivals for 3 years, before 2020.  Now 5 years plus 36 of adventures, traumas, illness and recovery, I have the life experience to share with others how to be strong for the adventure and supported for the fall, recovery time included.  

The Journey is on-going, the challenges still arise, but each day, each year, each goal achieved and reviewed, I have more to share, more to learn, and adventures to plan and prepare for.

Vitality and Love.


I am here to Help you Help Yourself.  With your permission, I will help you learn to listen to your inner guide.  With assessment design to help you learn where you are and reflect on where you want to be going for finding the right the tools to get there, mind, body and soul.


Vitality for living starts with a spark.  Sometimes from another, sometimes from within yourself.  Let us through the 22+years of gathering for world experiences help you help yourself to live a life worth writing about. 

'The Soul of the World is fed by people's happiness.' Paulo Coelho

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