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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • D-talks

    A great way to cleanse your body and feel good
    Valid for one year
    • Learn to track your foods
    • The benefit of a clean start
    • Supports for a clean system
    • Be a pro with probiotics
  • 5 Ways to Upgrade

    A plan to help you identify all your missing nutrients
    Valid for 6 months
    • Way 1- Assess yourself (+1child) 12 Core Choices + Journal
    • Way 2-12 Core Choices- what to upgrade- at 30 days
    • Way 3- Personal Development and Performance Habits
    • Way 4- Food For Life- for vitality or weight loss
    • Way 5- Beliefs and Emotions-Detoxing for life
    • Bonus-Modalities for self care- treating yourself to heal

    Valid for 6 months
    • Nutrition Wisdom-12 Core Choices-assessment day
    • Lifestyle Enhancement tools-Beliefs and action plan-food
    • Performance Strategies-30 day review-Upgrades-What is right?
    • Therapeutics Doses. Are you Ready?-Fats For Weight Loss
    • Let's Get Moving-Finding your Freedom in Movement
    • Bonus-Health Technologies and the Modality right for you
  • Food at Home-Tips

    Every year
    Upgrade your Choices-taste, nutritional value, worth
    • Ferments- the value of doing it yourself- tools
    • Chocolate- raw: the health benefits, the flavour- tips
    • Raw Cooking-Keep the flavour and value with less heat
    • Keeping it Local- the gift of Local Organic foods
    • Your Own Garden- permaculture, biodynamic, greenhouse-tips
    • Belief Re-Patterning- Who, What and How.
  • Book with us today

    Go to the bookings page to find the right choice
    Free Plan
    • All that is offered
  • Support your Tribe

    This is where we can sit and connect with Tribe support
    Valid for 24 weeks
    • Group Counseling
    • 3 sessions per week as need within the 24 weeks
  • Multi-pass kitchen

    Every week
    Leveling up in the kitchen, delicious and nutritious fun
    Valid for 4 weeks+ 7 day free trial
    • Healthy Cooking Lesson
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