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Plan For You

It feels good to know where you are, to know where to start
Start with Booking your Initial Free consultation and nutritional assessment, from there we will look at the options and what your beliefs, need and wants bring together for an action plan.  Each person is unique on their journey, but we all are here on earth living to make the most out of this life.  Let find a plan that works to your specific needs and desires.
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Nutrition for Vitality
With vitality as a goal and the assessment complete we will begin a journey into Your 12 Core Choices, food journalling for gaining a better understanding into your specific needs and sensitivities, as well as the options that are best suited to your current lifestyle.
We will check in every 30 days for the next 3 months, making adjustments and upgrades to your 12 Core choices, as needed in response to your performance and for your goals.  After 3 months we can decide on the next step right for you.
The Master Cleanse                  Superfood Upgrades
Gentle D-tox                              Liver Cleanse
Liver Flush                                Liquid Diet-Nootropics
Everyday we are exposed to environmental toxins.  From the foods we eat to the water we use to clean ourselves, and the beauty products we find in the Drug Store, even if we are using organics, parabene, sulphate etc.  free, we are still exposed to toxins.  This is why for vitality, longevity and preventative care, detox is essential.  
After 90 days of BodyMind Performance Journalling, we will be better prepared for the journey into detox.  Detox has been know to bring up mental, emotional and physical challenges.  Being prepared to face these challenges with supports in place, will be key to making it through successfully.
Detox should be done every 6 months for optimal results in the maintenance of health and vitality, body, mind and spirit.
Blackberry and Lemon Detox
Establishing Long Term Success
Healthy Children Healthy Choices
Group/Family counselling
Food Sensitivities
Diet Makeover
Healthy Cooking Classes
Healthy Living Program
Wellness in Your Community 
With all the choices to live it great life, it can be overwhelming and the support of those around you can be key to your success. has brought together a wealth of knowledge to support you and your family in getting on the same page, or at least in the same library, to make the stories count., we offer Healthy Living Program, cooking classes and Healthy Children Healthy Choices to bring you and your family into the process making food fun. A mix of science and nutritional facts, food choices for everyones goals will get you a way with knowledge for the good life.
Chia Pudding
Tips to get you started
2:1 Chia to Hemp Hearts 1xday
Your weight /2 in ounces=how much H2O you should drink a day.  add a pinch of sea salt for extra vitality
No matter who you are, if you are human you need your omega fats 3 and 6 2:1, magnesium for 6 of the 8 Kerbs Cycles for energy, absorption of minerals and vitamins and for the cleansing of our cells.  With Chia and Hemp hearts you gain essential minerals, vitamins, EFA, (essential fatty acids) as a great choice to start your day and the journey with health and vitality.  Water is life!!!
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